NOAA’s National Weather Service - Philadelphia/Mt. Holly NJ

Issued: Thursday, October 1, 2015 Noon

Next Briefing Package: Friday, October 2, 2015 no later than 300 PM

Hazards and Impacts:

Overview: A dangerous weather pattern still threatens our region. Threats include very heavy rainfall, inland river flooding, as well as major coastal flooding with heavy surf and beach erosion. These impacts will be felt today into Saturday from a storm system affecting the region. There is now also the potential for major impacts from Hurricane Joaquin affecting the region later this weekend into early next week.

Rainfall :

Not much rain has fallen over the past 24 hours. One to four inches of new rainfall is expected today into Saturday morning. Additional heavy rainfall will occur if Hurricane Joaquin impacts the region.
Inland flooding: Additional heavy rainfall will result in a greatly increased threat of flash flooding as well as inland river flooding. If we get the higher rainfall amounts, some of the flooding will be severe.


Wind have become northeast and will continue to intensify. Wind gusts of 20 to 30 mph are possible over inland locations. Wind gusts of 50+ mph are possible in coastal areas. If Hurricane Joaquin directly affects the region, hurricane force winds are possible.

Tidal Flooding:

Moderate coastal flooding is possible today. Moderate to major coastal flooding is now possible on Friday and Saturday with the strong northeast winds. This is in advance of any impacts from Hurricane Joaquin. If Hurricane Joaquin directly affects the region, major to record coastal flooding is possible.


Heavy rainfall will impact the region again later today into early Saturday morning, along with the risk of inland river flooding and major coastal flooding. The most likely timeframe for impacts from Hurricane Joaquin affecting the region is late Sunday into Monday and early Tuesday.

Trend Analysis:

The potential for a very high impact weather event impacting the region continues at the same level as 24 hours ago. The threat of major coastal flooding, very heavy rainfall, and inland flooding continues for Friday and Saturday, associated with the current storm system, and in advance of Hurricane Joaquin.
The latest track forecast from the National Hurricane Center shows a continuing threat to the region from Hurricane Joaquin in the late Sunday/Monday timeframe. If Hurricane Joaquin directly impacts the region, all the major hurricane threats (damaging winds, severe coastal flooding, very heavy rainfall with severe inland flooding) could impact the region. The expected significant weather in the Friday/Saturday timeframe will hinder preparedness activities for Joaquin, should it head toward our region.








 It is with a heavy heart that the Washington Township Fire Department announces the passing of our Co-Worker, Book keeper and friend, Linda Diehm.... Rest In Peace...



9/11 Ceremony

 9/11 ceremony at the Fireman's Memorial at the Washington Lake Park yesterday. Members of the Washington Township Fire Department honored the lives lost at the towers on September 11, 2001




Today we remember those who tragically lost their lives in the horrific events of 9/11! NEVER FORGET!



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