Congratulations to the members of the Grenloch Fire Company who spent several weeks cleaning Ladder Tower 1016 for the annual State Fireman's Convention in Wildwood. 1016 took 1st place in the category of elevated platform.




Congratulations to Lt Dan Dobleman on being voted August FF of the Month for Battalion 3/Hurffville. Dan joined the WTFD in April 2005. He works full time at the Gloucester County Emergency Response Center as a dispatcher. Lt Dobleman also works for a couple EMS organizations in the area and is an Instructor at Camden County Fire Academy.

Some of Dan's hobbies include fishing, riding his motorcycle, and playing paintball. While speaking with Lt Dobleman, it is obvious that he has wanted to be a Firefighter since he was a little kid. Dan describes the WTFD as "one of a kind" and states that he is "fortunate and honored to be part of the WTFD".

Dan currently holds the rank of Lieutenant. As a leader, Lt Dobleman does not like to tell other Firefighters what to do, but prefers to get his hands dirty with them and lead by example.  Congratulations again to Lt Dobleman on being voted August FF of the Month.




Hurffville/Battalion 3 July FF of the Month

Firefighter Matt Laudenslager joined the department in April 2012. He attends Rowan University full time and will be a Junior this Fall. FF Laudenslager is studying Law & Justice with the hopes of becoming a Police Officer in the near future. Matt is excited to fulfill a lifetime goal of becoming a Police Officer, whether at the municipal or state level.

FF Laudenslager also works at Dick's Sporting Goods as a golf club tech in the golf department. Matt enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and girlfriend outside of his time at the department. He also enjoys getting out on the golf course as much as he can as a get away.

Matt is the youngest of three kids and lives in the Heritage Valley Development. His Mom and sister Amanda both work in the school systems. His Dad is involved in sales and his brother Michael manages a restaurant in Philadelphia. Matt states that family is a huge part of who he is and has always kept him grounded.

FF Laudenslager says that being a Firefighter with WTFD means everything to him. It is something that he is very proud of since joining 2 1/2 years ago. Matt says "there is no better feeling than helping others in their time of need".  He goes on to say that "anytime you can help someone who has had a rough go of it and you can be there to make even the smallest difference and turn their day around is something that's pretty awesome to be a part of". 

FF Laudenslager is assigned to 10-3 Main Station and responded to a total of 16 incidents in July.

Congratulations Matt!



The Fire Challenge

 The Fire Challenge

A disturbing new trend is manifesting itself online on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube called “The Fire Challenge.”
The fire challenge involves teenagers pouring an ignitable liquid, often rubbing alcohol, on their bare skin and igniting it while another teenager takes photos or video of the event. The photos and video are subsequently uploaded to the various social media sites for the world’s online community to watch and share. The imbecilic act is supposed to elicit laughter as onlookers and internet viewers watch the reaction from the person who is on fire.
Accurate statistics are not available as to the number of individuals injured or killed as a result of performing this stunt but at least one death of a 15 year-old boy in Buffalo, NY has been confirmed and several documented injuries have occurred.
Several news stories regarding the practice report that when young survivors are interviewed, most say they didn’t give much thought to the possibility of being injured or killed and they didn’t realize the fire would be so intense.
Since many of these reported incidents involve the ignitable liquid being poured on the chest, emergency responders must be particularly aware of the potential for serious respiratory burns when treating victims, in addition to the obvious external burns.
In accordance with American Burn Association recommended guidelines, and in keeping with the policies of The Burn Center at Saint Barnabas, a certified burn treatment facility for care and transport of burn patients, all individuals meeting the following criteria should be referred to the nearest certified burn center:

All Partial thickness (second degree) burns ≥10% TBSA;
All Full thickness (3rd degree) burns, regardless of size;
All chemical, inhalation and electrical burns;
Any burns to the face, feet, joints or genitalia;
Patients with pre-existing medical disorders compromising outcome;
Patients with burns and concomitant trauma (Follow regional medical control and triage protocols);
Patients requiring extensive social, emotional or long-term rehabilitation;
Pediatric burns without qualified personnel or equipment.

In New Jersey, consult with The Burn Center at St. Barnabas Hospital directly at (973) 322-5920.



Static Display on Ridge Court

On Monday Night, the Grenloch Fire Company Duty Crew did a public relations static display on Ridge Court

See More Photos.... CLICK HERE



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