Washington Township Fire District District Fire Chief Job Announcement

The Washington Township Fire District, Gloucester County, New Jersey, operates under the direction of the Board of Fire Commission and has since 1972.  This Board of Fire Commissioners is exceedingly committed to providing the most advanced and professional fire service to its approximately fifty-five thousand (55,000) residents.  The Fire District is comprised of a total “Combination Fire Service” to include one hundred and ten (110) volunteer fire fighters, supported by a twenty (20) person career staff.  The Fire District maintains six (6) stations with thirteen (13) pieces of fire apparatus as well as one (1) maintenance facility where repairs to all apparatus are performed.  The Fire District has under its control twenty three (23) square miles of Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey.  The District Fire Chief has under his / her command a staff to include: Two (2) Volunteer Deputy Fire Chiefs, a career Assistant Chief / Chief of Staff, three (3) Volunteer Battalion Chiefs and four (4) career Captains.

Description Summary:  The District Fire Chief is directly responsible to the Board of Fire Commissioners in the overall management and administration of the Washington Township Fire District.  Responsibilities include, but are limited to, management of personnel, supervision and oversight of daily operations of all departments of the Fire District, insuring compliance with applicable laws in all areas of Fire District operations, oversight of discretionary financial matters, and monthly reporting on Fire District status to the Board of Fire Commissioners.  This role requires coordination of activities of both Career and Volunteer Fire Chiefs on matters that affect the operations of the Fire Battalions and includes management of all aspects of employment for Career personnel.  The Fire Chief has primary accountability for all matters requiring technical expertise in firefighting, rescue, hazmat, and emergency situation management.  

Educational/Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Science in Fire Science, Public Administration, or equivalent from an accredited University.  Master’s degree is preferred.
  •  Minimum 5 years’ experience as a Chief Officer managing a Fire District, (breadth and scope of Fire District will be considered in evaluating the number of years’ experience).  Experience with combination fire department administration is recommended.
  • Certifications:
The applicant must meet all of the requirements of N.J.S.A. 40A:14-81.2

  • New Jersey Fire Fighter I & II
  • New Jersey Fire Officer II
  • New Jersey Instructor Level I & II
  •  New Jersey Drill Ground Instructor
  • IMS Level 3
  • New Jersey Hazardous Material Operations
  • Meet all qualifications on New Jersey Police and Fire retirement System and any other codes or statues required by New Jersey for employment in this position
  • Graduation from National Fire Academy Executive Officer Offer Program is strongly preferred.  Successful completion within one year of hire may be required.
  • Must have or shall obtain a New Jersey Official Certification within eighteen (18) months
  • Must have a valid New Jersey Driver License
 All aspects of Personnel Management

  • Attract & retain talent, develop leaders, plan for talent succession
  • Implement effective performance evaluations and performance management standards
  • Facilitate effective grievance processes and resolutions
  • Implement effective scheduling of resources
  • Develop recommendations for incentive policies for Career personnel, support reward and recognition programs
  • Maintain high standards of employee morale, create a cohesive environment among teams that include both Career and Volunteer personnel
  •  Identify training protocols required and support implementation
  • Review Fire District organizational structure and recommend enhancements as needed to optimize resources and performance
 Operational & Efficiency Management

  •  Direct fire suppression activities
  •  Coordinate the maintenance of property inventory records, facilities & equipment
  • Direct equipment acquisition
  • Implement all applicable NFPA, PEOSHA standards
  • Direct development of pre-plans for all Fire District hazards
  • Develop and oversee recommendations for standards on incident response, training, advancement, command structure, safety, fire prevention, & communications in cooperation with Volunteer Chiefs
  • Responsible to identify changes/revisions as required to Fire District policies, standard operating guidelines, and Career Employee Policy & Standards Manuals
  • Insure appropriate investigations of all violations, injuries and accidents
  • Define reasonable standards of conduct and desired objectives and hold teams accountable for achievement on a regular basis
  • Establish and maintain all fire records and files
Act as Primary Liaison and Communications Spokesperson for the Fire District

  • Communicate clearly, responsibly, and in a timely and professional manner on Fire District issues with the Board of Fire Commissioners, government or community organizations, Career and Volunteer personnel, vendors, and all other business partners or Fire District resources
  • Resolve issues as required and project a positive brand/image for the Washington Township Fire District
  • Direct fire prevention activities at large public gatherings
 Specific Skills/Experience Required:

  • Knowledge of fire service related statues, regulations, and ordinances.
  • Knowledge of accepted firefighting, rescue, hazmat and other equipment and apparatus.
  • Working knowledge of Uniform Fire Prevention code and fire hazards.
  • Knowledge of National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standards including Life Safety Code
  • Knowledge of Hazardous Materials and specific Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG)
  • Knowledge of Incident Management System
  • Experience in the control methods for fighting small and large fires and proper use of specialized extinguishing agents.
  • Experience in emergency management of fire operations
  • Experience in use of fire communication equipment and facilities
  • Ability and experience in estimating fire damages
  • Ability to formulate fire service guidelines and regulations
  • Effective public speaker with the ability to communicate clearly and inspire confidence
 Demonstrated Leadership Capabilities Required:

  •  High ethical standards – does the right thing when no one is looking
  • Good decision making – no ego
  • Puts the interest of the organization first
  • Puts trust in the team ad partners
  • Owns the results without blaming others
  • Makes and impact and gets things done
  • Puts focus on what matters
  • Treats people with respect
  • Demonstrates loyalty and responsibility to organization & community
  • Cares about people
  • Recognizes and Rewards Teamwork
  • Shows perseverance and resilience
  • Possesses functional and technical knowledge required to lead
  • Attracts and Retains talent
  • Develops tomorrow’s leaders
  • Speaks candidly with respect
  • Surfaces problems and learns from them
  • Deals with issues fairly, decisively & calmly
  • Demonstrates actions speak louder than words
  • Acts as a role model publicly & privately
 The Washington Township Fire District is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified candidates are strongly encouraged to apply by September 30, 2015 (first review, open until filled)

Applications, supplemental questions, resumes and cover letters will be accepted via U.S. Mail and addressed to:

Washington Township Board of Fire Commissioners
PO Box 653
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Applications, supplemental questions, resumes and cover letters will also be accepted electronically.  This will be completed by responding electronically to:

Washington Township Board of Fire Commissioners via email, sent to Chief of Staff Richard Sumek




 Chief’s Report to Fire Commission 08/06/15  

Combined report with final data for June 2015 and July 2015


·        Fire Operations Report – Attached – June 2015 showed the fire department responding to 302 calls for emergency service.  There were 6 actual fires, and 19 rescue type calls during the month.  Significant emergencies that occurred during June include; 1) a building fire occurred at 311 Georgia Ct. on 6/5, 2) a serious fatal car crash on Fries Mill Rd. on 6/8, 3) an elevator rescue at 600 Medical Center Dr. after the elevator motor failed on 6/18, 4) a serious crash on Delsea Dr. with multiple injuries on 6/18, and 5) the Macroburst storm that struck on 6/23 caused 220 additional emergency response incidents.  There were 55 alarm system calls, 11 carbon monoxide incidents, 9 out of town mutual aid assignments, and details of storm related responses included 73 wires/arcing wires calls, 21 structural damage/collapse incidents, 39 public assistance incidents, and 29 wind related incidents.  Non-emergency fire department activity not including training totaled 350 events giving the total fire department events at 652 for June 2015.  The performance analysis shows the average total response time for the month to be 5.8 minutes.

·        Membership Report:

o   In June there were several new applicants in the loop on line.  There were 6 firefighters who completed fire school and are now certified with the department. 

·        Fire Lane Enforcement:

o   Fire Lane Enforcement included 8 vehicles moved, 1 notice of violation issued to be in compliance and 0 warnings issued.

·        Fire Operations Report – Attached – July 2015 showed the fire department responding to 113 calls for emergency service.  There were 11 actual fires, and 11 rescue type calls during the month.  Significant emergencies that occurred during July include; 1) an apartment fire at the Washington Way Apartments on 7/2, 2) a motor vehicle crash on the Black Horse Pike requiring extrication on 7/4, 3) another serious motor vehicle crash on Tuckahoe Rd. on 7/4, 4) a building fire at Ashley Furniture on the roof on 7/18, 5) a serious car crash in the parking lot of the Holy Family Church requiring extrication on 7/20, and 6) a technical rescue of a tree worker stuck in a bucket truck 60’ in the air on 7/23.  There were 39 alarm system calls, 3 carbon monoxide related incidents, and 4 out of town mutual aid assignments.  Non-emergency fire department activity not including training totaled 339 events giving the total fire department events at 452 for July 2015.  The performance analysis shows the average total response time for the month to be 7.7.

·        There are several new applicants in the loop and there are 6 probationary firefighters beginning fire school this week.

·        The county has contacted us and will be beginning the 700 mhz radio project with fixed radios in stations soon.  The WTFD VHF radio system is still making progress with all mobile radios upgraded with the new frequencies.  Mobile/base stations on the VHF system should be installed soon, pending antenna system work being done.

·        The department supported the township fireworks show on July 3rd with 6 pieces of apparatus and 20 firefighters.

·        There is nothing new to report regarding the new Engine 1031 under construction, the build out timetable is still on schedule.

·        The executive board of the County Chief’s Association met at WTFD HQ on July 16th.  There was significant discussion regarding the Gloucester County Fire Academy and the closing of the burn building on that property.

·        Inspira Paramedics conducted an update on all of their medic units at our headquarters facility on July 30th.  Additionally, we were informed that Life Support 3, the unit assigned in Washington Township will have increased hours of operation starting on August 1st.  The hours will be going from 0900 to 2100 hours, 12 hours a day to 0700 hours to 0100 hours, 18 hours a day.  This is a huge plus for township residents and compliments the JeffStat helicopter that is located within the township as well.

·        Our WTFD staff supported the Police Department’s Junior Police Academy on July 30th.

·        The Macroburst storm of June 23rd, was declared by the federal government on July 22nd.  Chief Hoffman submitted our initial application for public assistance from FEMA during the FEMA briefing held on August 4th.  Within 30 to 60 days, representatives from FEMA will be working with us to secure a 75% match to the approximate $65,000 cost of the storm to the district.

·        National Night Out was recently held on 8/4 with the fire department supporting 6 locations.  WTFD had 6 pieces of apparatus out along with the fire safety trailer, 25 firefighters and 5 fire explorers.

·        The township chiefs met on July 23rd and are schedule to meet again on August 13th.  The rescheduled briefing of all township line officers will occur on August 27th at 1900 hours and the chiefs will meet briefly at 1800 hours.

·        The NJSFA county caucus is scheduled for Thursday August 20th with anticipated discussion regarding a potential southern New Jersey branch of the state Fireman’s Home.  There are many details still unknown about this project although many from this department have long supported a southern NJ Home.

·        Upcoming events/important dates in August and beyond;

o   WTFD Chiefs 8/13

o   NJSFA County Caucus 8/20

o   Blood Drive at WTFD HQ 8/24 1400 - 1900

o   WTFD Line Officers and Chiefs 8/27

o   Labor Day Holiday 9/7

o   NJSFA Convention 9/18 & 19


Everett John Hoffman

Fire Chief




Nearly two weeks ago, Washington Township was slammed with the most
devastating windstorm in decades. Trees were uprooted, split and strewn across neighborhoods, backyards and streets. Property damage tolls were enormous. Washington Township first responders secured our streets and public areas.
Now we struggle with the clean up. There are 10,000’s of tons of yard waste at our curbsides. Most of the yard waste is in the form of partial trees, large branches and heavy logs.
Our public works department has 12 men and women on the job to service the Township – and they have worked overtime, everyday to remove debris.
Because of our limitations, the Township has begun to dispatch private crews to pick up debris. These street crews are limited because of private demand from homeowners.
Nevertheless, the Township has been slowly securing private contractors to help with the cleanup.
We are asking all residents to please be patient and to help by cutting the trees into manageable pieces. Our process is only beginning and will take time.
The Township will be focusing on large pieces and branches. We ask that you assist by bagging and sweeping up small debris. 
We will focus on obstructions first and those that comply with our regulations: pile must be cut into manageable pieces for removal. 
Please ensure that intersections are not blocked and that motorist can see as they enter an intersection.
When your neighborhood is scheduled for clearing, you should receive a telephone call the night before. All vehicles should be removed from the streets, so damage does not occur to any vehicles and the crews can work quicker.
Removal crews will make one round through a neighborhood and move onto the next. We understand that residents will move more yard waste to the curb, but new debris will have to wait for the second round of cleanup.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.




Happy 4th of July from ALL the Firefighters of the Washington Township Fire Department. BE SAFE!



State Law Prohibits Every Firework Type Except Caps

 State Law Prohibits Every Firework Type Except Caps 

The Washington Township Fire District would like to pass along an informative message from the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development, Office of Safety Compliance: 

Once again, we are entering the fireworks season and we would like to acquaint you with New Jersey's Fireworks Laws. 

New Jersey's laws on fireworks, N.J.S.A. 21:2-1 et seq. and N.J.S.A. 21:3-1 et seq., are very restrictive. In some states, fireworks are permitted to be sold to, and used by, the public. However, in New Jersey, only paper or plastic caps for use in toy guns are legal. 

Sparkler and novelty items, such as cigarette loads, trick matches, trick noise makers, smoke grenades, toy propellants, snaps & pops, poppetts and champagne poppers, as well as firecrackers, roman candles, rockets, etc., are all illegal in this state. Do not be fooled by a salesperson who tries to tell you that they are authorized to be sold by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, or are sold by mail order houses, or are permitted to be sold in other states, or are permitted to be shipped by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

To repeat - the only fireworks that can legally be sold and used in New Jersey are paper and plastic caps for toy cap guns

The Fireworks Laws are jointly enforced by municipalities and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The law states that the sale or possession of fireworks, with intent to sell, is a crime of the fourth degree. Any person found guilty of possessing fireworks, including sparklers, with the intention of selling them, can be fined up to $7,500 and/or imprisoned up to 18 months. Any person found using fireworks illegally can be fined up to $500 and/or imprisoned for up to 30 days. 



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