Back in the day photo of Grenloch's main station...



Volunteers protecting our Community on Saturday

Volunteers protecting our Community on Saturday

More photos from Hurffville Fire Company's Duty Crew on Saturday. They went to the park and led the opening day little league parade, and attended a car wash hosted by the volleyball team at the High School. Later trained with Grenloch members on Engine 1011 rescue operations.



Annual St Baldricks Event

Washington Township Fire Department supporting Blackwood FD on their annual St Baldricks event




Washington Township District Fire Chief Pat Dolgos was a judge for Cup Cake Wars at Bells School




While on duty Saturday, Grenloch Fire Company had a visit from a resident that asked if their child can come in and look around and maybe see a fire truck.Eric was shown around the Greentree Rd Station and then Eric was given a tour of Engine 1011 and the gear we wear, and our Breathing Gear and how it sounds and not to be afraid. Eric was shown how a water can works and afterwards let him try it out.

At the end we all took a group shot in front of Engine 1011 and then had Eric do a solo picture in front of 1011.

A future Washington Township Firefighter!



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