Main Station                                                Sub Station
          213 East Holly Ave.                                           Altair Dr. and Thies Rd.
          Sewell, NJ 08080                                              Sewell, NJ 08080
          856-589-1242                                                  856-589-1247


The Hurffville Fire Company was established on October 27, 1927. The original firehouse was built in 1931 and was located on Delsea Dr. in between Hurffville-Crosskeys Rd. and Hurffville-Grenloch Rd. An addition was built onto the existing station in 1963 in order to house additional equipment for the fire company. In 1975, due to a rapid growth in residential development, a 2nd station was constructed on Altair Dr. and Thies Rd. In 1995 the Hurffville Fire Company moved out of its original station and into a new station on East Holly Ave. that also houses the WTFD Board of Fire Commissioners and the command/support staff for the WTFD. The fire company has offered a number of unique services to Washington Township throughout the years, including housing the only Tanker in town (Tanker 1033) to currently housing the only Rescue (Rescue 1038) truck in town. The members of the Hurffville Fire Company are very proud to aid in protecting Washington Township along with the Grenloch Fire Company and Whitman Square Fire Company



Engine 1031

Engine 1031 is a 1994 KME and is housed at 10-3’s Main Station. This truck is equipped with a 750-gallon water tank and a 1500 gallon/minute single stage Hale pump. Below is a list of some of the equipment that is carried by Engine 1031.


Engine 1032

Engine 1032 is a 2003 Saulsbury house and Station 10-3's Sub-Station. This engine is equipped with a 750 gallon water tank and 1500 GPM single stage Hale pump. Below is a list of some of the equipment carried on Engine 1032.


Engine 1033

Engine 1033 is a 1994 KME and is housed at 10-3’s Sub-Station. This truck is equipped with a 750-gallon water tank and a 1500 gallon/minute single stage Hale pump. Below is a list of some of the equipment that is carried by Engine 1033.


Rescue 1038

Rescue 1038 is built on a Spartan chassis and has an 8 man cab.  It was built by Saulsbury and was received by the Washington Township Fire Department in 1999.  1038 carries a wide assortment of vehicle and specialized rescue equipment.  This unit is equipped with a light tower, winch, cascade system and was recently upgraded in the past 3 years with an Octaflow System.  This system allows 1038 to operate up to 8 hydraulic tools all running at the same time.  Rescue 1038 is the only Rescue Truck in Washington Township which runs first due on all serious accidents and structure fires.


Command 1039

Command 1039 is a 2001 Ford Expedition and is equipped with an SCBA, TV to view the Thermal Imaging Camera, and various command boards/accountability boards. Command 1039 is utilized by Chief R. Borkowski.

1947 Mack Model 45

“The Mack “is the pride and joy of the Hurffville Vol. Fire Co. 1. It is a Model 45 and it was built for Hurffville in 1947 for an amazing sum of $6,222.43. The Mack remained in active service until 1980 when it was replaced with a 2,000 gallon tanker/ pumper. However, the truck was still kept for parades and other special occasions. At one point, benches were added to the hose bed area and the member's children rode there during local parades. At a monthly meeting in early 1994, the company passed a motion to have The Mack refurbished to its original state. Several bids were received and the winning bid was awarded to Delmarva Refurbishing Specialist Inc. The final cost for the complete restoration was $59,109.08. This money was money that had been raised over the years by having spaghetti dinners, turkey dinners, newspapers collections, yard sales. No public monies were involved.

The only part that is not to original specs is the water tank, which was replaced with a plastic tank to prevent rusting. The engine and the pump were also taken completely apart and re-built. Head gaskets for the Continental engine had to be hand made and shipped in from California . Casket rollers were added to the hose bed so that the truck should be used for funerals. The fire company had a survey done for insurance purposes by Equipment Survey's Unlimited Inc... They appraised “The Mack” at $70,000.

The Hurffville membership thought “The Mack” deserved a special place. When our new station was designed, we had a mini-museum included into the building. The Company paid for a ceramic floor to be put into the museum. Again, this was done out of the Company funds. This is another reason we hold a special place in our hearts for “The Mack” In its day, the truck served Washington Township and the surrounding communities with pride. It continues to serve the membership of Hurffville with it's “own sense of pride”.