HAZMAT Incident Pureland Industrial Park

pnbspnbspnbsp A full district box was dispatched for the DECON unit within WTFD to respond the Pureland Industrial Park in support to the County CBRNE HAZMAT Team at 1030 AM Monday morning.nbsp A rail car containing 27000 gallons of highly flammable Ethanol was leaking on a rail spur at Pureland.nbsp Two days earlier railcars carrying the same product in Illinois derailed and exploded and killed at least one and severely injured several others.nbsp The railcars in Illinois burned for two days.nbsp WTFD mustered 9 firefighters to respond with Utilities 1027 1017 and DECON 10.nbsp Two of the members Capt. Dolgos and FF Donnelly were assigned to CBRNE entry teams.nbsp DECON was set up for a full decontamination if product had splashed on any members however only 9 simple boot washes were necessary during the assignment.nbsp The DECON Group also briefly assisted the FOAM Group in Divison C.nbsp DECON 10 was in service for 8 hours.p