pspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifltfont colorRED size2gtspanstrong stylefont-family Arial sans-serif font-size 9ptSANTA IS COMING TO TOWNstrongspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serif font-size 9ptltfontgtspanppspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serif font-size 9ptspan stylefont-familyquotArial Narrowquotsans-serifCOATS FORnbspSantabrbrFillnbspSantas firetruck with new and gently used coatsbrbrEvery year the Washington Township Fire District has the honor ofprovidingnbspSantanbspwith a pre-flight tour of each street in ourtown.nbsp This year when you hear the sirens and grab your coat toseenbspSanta grab an extra one from the closet.nbsp The WashingtonTownship Fire Explorer Post will be collecting your new or gently used coatsfornbspSantanbspto deliver to where they are most needed.nbsp nbspspanspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifopopspanspanpp stylemargin-bottom12.0ptspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifSCHEDULE FOR SANTA RUNbrbrstrongHurffville Fire CompanynbspstrongbrSaturday December 10thbr12pm to 9pmbrbrltfont colorYELLOWgtspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifAmesbury Farmsnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifArden Postenbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifBirches Westnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifCantebury Mewsnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifColts Necknbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifCounty House Villagenbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifDeerfieldnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifHenlynbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifHenly Estatesnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifHeritage Hurffville Tractnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifHeritage Valleynbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifHidden Lakesnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifHillcrest Estatesspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifHolly Oaksnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifLansbrooknbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifNewtown Commonsnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifOld Wedgewoodnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifParke Placenbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifPeppertree Farmsnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifThe Reserve at Hillcrestnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifSalina Hillsspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifnbspspanspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifSeveren Shadow Brooknbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifSheffield Gatenbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifSpring Lake Farmsnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifThornburynbspspanspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifTwin Lakesnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifTwin Pondsspanspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifWashington Placenbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifWaters Edgenbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifWedgewood Farmsnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifWellington Manornbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifWindy Acresnbspspanspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifWoods of Washingtonltfontgtspanpp stylemargin-bottom12.0ptstrongspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifWhitman Square Fire Companyspanstrongspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifbrSaturday December 17th – 2pm to 9pmbrRaindate Sunday December 18thbrbrltfont colorYELLOWgtParts of Ashton Leas Parts of Bells LakeBirches Birches Apts Bonaire Clusters Crosskeys Cross Roads Deux MareFoxwood Fries Mills Estates Gardendale Hunters Chase Johnson RoadMangoCourtRedwood St. Liberty Forge Maples Meadows Meadows of Bonaire OrchardsSummitPoint Peachtree Plumtree Estates Robbindale Manor Scott Dr.Lorne Rd. Stony Brook Tall OaksTwin Ponds East Valley Green Whitman Square Wrenfieldltfontgtstrongopopstrongspanpp stylemargin-bottom12.0ptstrongspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifGrenloch Fire Companyspanstrongspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifbrTuesday and Wednesday Nights December 20th amp 21st. …brRaindatenbspDecember 22nd.span classapple-converted-spacenbspspanbr6pm to 9pmbrbrltfont colorYELLOWgtbTuesdaybspan classapple-converted-spacenbspspan- Bells Lake Greenwood ParkAshtonLeas Wedgewood Trent Rd Old Wedgewood Bryant Rd Forrest Dr Meadow RunDaytona Ave Dorado Ave. nbspRt. 168 Meadow Ave and Hurff LanebrbbrWednesdaybspan classapple-converted-spacenbspspan- Grenloch GrenMeadows Spring Mill Bateman Estates Wedgewood Forrest Wedgewood FarmsHunt Club Surry Lake Sawyers Creek Nob Hill Wash. Way Apts. MillstreamApts. Heatherwood Winchester Farmsnbspspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serifWindsor Forestspanspan stylefont-family Arial sans-serif font-size 9ptltfontgtspanpp stylemargin-bottom12.0ptspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifbr–14812982273960–opopspanpp stylemargin-bottom12.0ptspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifPlease note that these are working On-Duty Fire Engines that willrespond to emergencies during the Santa Run.nbsp The Washington Twp. FireDepartment will make every effort to hit every street.nbsp uOur apologies if we miss your street orpass when youre not at home.uopopspanpp stylemargin-bottom12.0ptspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serif color rgb20 24 35 background-image initial background-position initial background-size initial background-repeat initial background-attachment initial background-origin initial background-clip initialDue tothe size of the Fire Trucks and not being able to turn around quickly shouldthere be an emergency we will not be going down most courts. Please come outto the corner to visit Santa…spanspan stylefont-size 7pt font-family Arial sans-serifopopspanppspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifltfontcolorRED size2gtstrongHappy Holidays from the Washington Twp. Fire Departmentstrongltfontgtopopspanppspan stylefont-size 9pt font-family Arial sans-serifltfontcolorGREENgtstrongPleasenbspComeOut and Support YournbspFire Departmentnbsp Vote in Februarystrongltfontgtopopspanp