h1strongWhat You Must Do if You Think You Are Having a Heart Attackstrongh1pbbbrppbCall b911b or other emergency services immediatelyb if you have any of the following symptoms of a heart attackpulliYou have chest pain that has not improved or that gets worse within 5 minutes after taking 1 dose of nitroglycerin andor resting. After you call 911 continue to stay on the phone with the emergency operator. He or she will give you further instructions.br brliliYou have chest pain or discomfort that is crushing or squeezing feels like pressure on the chest and gets worse or lasts more than 5 minutes especially if it occurs with any of the following symptoms brbrbrnbspulliSweating liliShortness of breath liliNausea or vomiting liliPain that spreads from the chest to the neck the jaw or one or both shoulders or arms liliDizziness or lightheadedness liliA fast or irregular pulse lilispan styletext-decoration underlineSigns of ShockspanbrbrbrliulliulpWomen older adults and people with diabetes are slightly more likely to have other symptoms such as shortness of breath nausea back pain or jaw pain.ppAfter you call 911 or other emergency services you should chew 1 badult-strengthb aspirin 325 mg or 2 to 4 blow-doseb aspirin 81 mg unless you cannot take aspirin because of allergy or some other reason. By calling 911 and taking an ambulance to the hospital you may be able to start treatment before you arrive at the hospital. If any complications occur along the way ambulance personnel are trained to evaluate and treat them. ppIf an ambulance is not readily available have someone else drive you to the emergency room. Do not drive yourself to the hospital.ppIf you witness a person become unconscious call 911 or other emergency services and start CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The emergency operator can coach you on how to perform CPR.a hrefhealthlibrarytopic0emerghw15453900.html fcksavedurlhealthlibrarytopic0emerghw15453900.htmlbrappbNever wait if you have symptoms of a heart attack.b Many people are unsure if they are having a span styletext-decoration underlineheart attack spanand take a wait and see approach. Heart attack symptoms can vary. People often discount their symptoms if they do not fit into the expected extreme chest pain scenario. Some people are embarrassed or dont want to bother others by calling for help if they think it may not be a heart attack. Even if youre not sure its a heart attack you should still have it checked out. bRapid treatment can save your lifeb.brp