Whitman Square Fire Company


Thomas E. Hills Station

131 Johnson Road
Turnersville, NJ 08012
(856) 227-1550
(856) 227-6064 (Fax)

Fries Mill Road Station

327 Fries Mill Road
Turnersville, NJ 0801
(856) 582-7863
(856) 582-5937 (Fax)


A decision was made to form a third Fire Company in Washington Township. Several men met in the basement of the Washington Township Swim Club in the month of August, 1962

The first Fire Truck was a 1941 open-cab Diamond T, delivered Red in color, purchased for the sum of two hundred dollars from the Greenfield’s Fire Company and housed at Scott’s Barn, located at the Black Horse Pike and Gantown Road where the Commerce Bank now stands. Later the Diamond T was painted Robin’s Egg Blue. Fifteen to twenty men were alerted by a phone chain in the course of a fire. The second Fire Truck, a 1949 open cab Ward Lafrance was purchased from the Berlin Fire Company for the cost of Five Hundred Dollars, was also Red in color and painted Blue.

Great Chiefs lead our Fire Company to call, our first being Jack Cathcart 1963-1966, Tom Hills 1967-1972, 1974-1977, 1979-1982, Harry Keeny 1973, Jim Johnson 1978, James Spratt 1983-1986, 1988-1991, 2002-2003, Jim Flaherty 1987, Rob Milideo 1992-1993, Pat Dolgos 1994-2001, John Comstock 2009-2010 & Richard Sumek 2005-2008, 2010 to Present Day. Governed by President’s, George English, our first 1963-1964, Harry Keeny 1965-1966, Sam DeLione 1967-1968, Harry Junk 1968-1969, Harvey Rosenstiehl 1971, Bob Tornari 1972, Paul Paglia 1973, Mike Kelly 1974, John Booth 1975-1976, Al Fox 1977, Bob Miller 1977-1978, Tom Winkelspecht 1979-1980, Tom Moffitt 1981, Gary Pavan 1982-1983, Joe Majuri 1984-1985, Nick Zorio 1986-1989, Don Brown 1990-1994, James Spratt 1995, Tony Greco 1996-2001, Rob Milideo 2002-2006, Frank Stella 2008-2010 and Jay Jones 2007, 2011 to Present Day.

We declare our Support for each other with a firm reliance on the protection of Washington Township, we mutually pledge to each other our lives and support for the Fire Company and District.


Engine 1021

Engine 1021 is a 2003 Saulsbury Pumper with a 1500 gallon per minute single stage pump with 750 gallons of water on board. It has the following complement of equipment on board:

Engine 1022

is a 2019 Spartan Pumper with a 1500 gallon per minute single stage pump with 750 gallons of water.

Ladder 1026

Ladder 1026 is a 2018 Pierce Enforcer / Ascendant 107' Ladder. The Apparatus has a 500 gallon water tank.

Utility 1027

Utility 1027 is a 2001 Saulsbury Utility Vehicle. It has the following complement of equipment on board:

Command 1029

Car 1029 is a 2001 Ford Expedition and is equipped with an SCBA, TV to view the Thermal Imaging Camera, and various command boards/accountability boards. Car 1029 is utilized by Chief Richard Sumek

Engine 1023 (Retired)

Engine 1023 was placed into service in early 1986 having successfully passed all acceptance tests and inspections after delivery from Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wisconsin. Rated at 1750 gallons per minute (gpm) , the pump acceptance test conducted by the Whitman Square Fire Company yielded a maximum discharge of over 2000 gpm. The truck was a first out apparatus for its entire time in service, responding to over 7000 emergency assignments. It is the only truck to ever hold the “1023” designation.